Celebrating Personal Independence!

As we look forward to celebrating our country's independence today with friends, family and parties...I encourage everyone to celebrate their own independence.

Personal independence can be described in any way that is meaningful to you. Whether you have gained freedom from something (possibly holding you back) already or are working toward that freedom...personal independence can be extremely hard won but sweet when achieved!

Here are some tips to celebrate today:

  • Have a party with friends and family...easy since most of us are doing this already!

  • Take a walk down memory lane to honor what you have accomplished.

  • Engage in an activity that pays tribute to yourself!

If you are working toward personal independence:

  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member

  • Decide to take action

  • Develop a plan of action

  • Identify the steps needed to carry out the plan

  • Ensure you have access to the resources you need

  • Don't worry if you hesitate once everything is ready...that's normal. You may need more time to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to act.

  • Act on your plan.

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