What do you do when "Dad" is missing from Father's Day?

For many families, father's day is a celebration of the most important man in their life. But how does a family spend a day dedicated to "Dad" when "Dad" doesn't live in the house with them? Who do they celebrate? This question can lead to anxiety and sadness for all of those involved, Dad included. Whether it is the mother trying to find a fun, but distracting activity for the kids, or notifying the children's teacher that there isn't a father to give a gift too when the class project is the creation of father's day gifts. There are many reasons there may not be a father in the home. Perhaps there has been a separation or divorce and he lives too far away to travel for a visit, or he may be deceased or it is possible that there has never been a father in the home/family.

If you find yourself (and your children) in this situation; the following suggestions may be helpful in making this year's father's day one to remember.

If Dad lives too far away for a visist:

  • Plan a Skype "visit"; Father and child(ren) get to see each other even though they are far apart

  • Send a meaningful gift in advance so Dad can open it on Father's day morning...with children on Skype if possible

  • Post a message via social media so Dad sees it as soon as he logs on-line

If Dad has passed away:

  • Hold a personal memorial with his children and other close family members

  • Look at a photo album or family videos

  • Visit his final resting place

  • Hold a family dinner and share memories of him

  • Engage in his favorite activity as a way to remember and honor him

  • Visit his favorite place to hangout

If "Dad" is not a part of the family and home:

  • Celebrate an important and/or influential man that is part of the family

  • This could be a grandfather, godfather, uncle, brother or family friend

  • If "He" has been helpful and supportive, "He" deserves ot be celebrated

I hope these suggestions and tips are helpful.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in our lives!

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