Are your winter "blues" continuing into Spring?

Are your "winter blues" continuing into spring?

As the weather begins to warm up, flowers bloom, and animals comes out of hibernation, anyone who has been experiencing the "winter blues" assume they will also come out of "hiberation", and once again feel lighter, less stressed, less tired and basically happier.

However, people who are experiencing depression soon realize that unlike their friends and acquaintances, who are saying how much better they feel, they are not feeling any better. This realization can lead to increased depression, hoplessness, and lack of motivation to actively participate in life vs "getting by" or surviving.

Signs to look for to identify depression vs the "winter blues" and to potentially seek professional assistance:

  • Consistent or increased depression or sadness

  • Lack of motivation to engage in normal activities

  • Increased irritability or mood changes

  • Insomnia or hpersomnia (increased need to sleep)

  • Poor appetite

  • Decreased concentration

  • Inability to find pleasure in activities that used to be pleasurable

  • Decreased self-esteem or self-confidence

If you or a friend is experiencing any of the above symptoms it may be beneficial to seek out professional assistance to determine if therapy would be beneficial.

~Wishing everyone well and a happy spring!

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